LED High Bay Light

Some points you need pay more attention to Choose LED high bay light

Different-type and different-quality LED high bay lights pervade current market. Customers maybe have no idea how to pick appropriate LED high bay lights. Hereby we give some points following to help you have a deep understanding of how to choose the right LED high bay lights.

1. Excellent body: LED high bay lights adopt Aluminium material, special sealing and surficial coating to provide body a special protection from moisture high-temperature environment. Surface is processed through anodic oxidation and hard coating to deliver superb abrade-proof performance.
2. Chips: It is better to adopt imported chips and optimized LED encapsulation structure for low light degradation, high efficiency and better energy conservation. For example , CREE Chips or Philips Chips .
3. Driver: It adopts silicone for better heat dissipation, IP65, high-accuracy constant current to last longer.
4. Wire connection: Thicker industrial grade copper wire brings better electricity conductivity.
5. High-efficient heat dissipation: Adopt crystal lens as light distribution to satisfy different lighting demand. High light transmittance structure brings optimal heat dissipation performance to make lifespan longer.